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Youngchang Express System has been established since 1994 as the leading freight forwarder to fulfill the needs of the customers.


Our qualified professionals have earned an exellent reputation for reliabity on time delivery and the broad diversity of our service with excellent customer service as well as dedication.


Our company offers a full range of supplementary services to meet the diverse requirements of the importers and exporters from all of the world and the partners, including  inland transportation, warehousing , pick-up/delivery service, packing, documentation and all kinds of logistics services of your valuable cargoes to the final destination in the fastest, safest and most econmic way possible.


Especially Youngchang Express System is providing our customers with the specialized service to Russia and CIS countries.


We are confident that our innovative service will demonstrate the power to expand the customer’s vision and result in improvements in competitiveness and customer satisfaction.


Aiming for the world and future, Youngchang Express System will grow as a top-classed international freight forwarder that leads the logistics industry in the 21st century and we are always prepared to devote ourselves to provide the best services with you and your valuable cargoes.